CollisionHandlerComponent allows to setup in a simple way accurate collision checks.
It works on the principle of checking whether there is any actor between the socket position in this and the previous frame.

Collision can be enabled simultaneously on any Components that inherits from PrimitiveComponent.
For example Static Mesh, Sketal Mesh etc.
Requirement is that colliding component have any sockets.

Available parameters to customize component

  • TraceComplex - whether to use complex trace or not
  • TraceRadius - radius of sphere trace checking collision
  • TraceCheckInterval - how often there is trace check while collision is activated
  • IgnoredClasses - Actor classes that will be ignored
  • IgnoredCollisionProfileNames - ignore if profile name (collision preset) of hit component is in this array.
    Why do we need it? Good example is Character class in Unreal, both Capsule and Mesh are of type Pawn, so how to ignore capsule and hit only mesh? Well, capsule has profile name Pawn while mesh CharacterMesh so we can add Pawn into this array to ignore capsule and collide only with mesh.
  • ObjectTypesToCollideWith - types of objects to collide with
  • Debug - debug option