DAS Condition Query

Condition Query is basically a standalone system which is integrated into DAS plugin.
This is event driven system for condition checking which can be extended both in C++ and Blueprints.

In DAS plugin Condition Query is used with Action & Path Points to define whether it can be used by AI.
Few examples:

  • Don't allow to use Action Point if Player stands near it
  • Don't allow to leave house if doors are closed
  • Use Action Point opening doors if they are closed etc.
Possibilities with it are limitless.

By default there are 2 conditions in the system:

  • DASCond_ActionPoints - checks if specified Action Points are currently executed by any AI
  • DASCond_PlayerInVolume - checks if player is overlapping specified volume

Example implementation of Condition Query which allows to use Action Point only when player stands near button would look like that:

To use Condition Query in any blueprint, follow setup below.
Variable CondQuery is of type DASConditionQueryWrapper.