Boss Health Bar

This is legacy Dynamic Combat System doc.
it may not work on UE 5.2 and above. Click to show new Dynamic Combat System Documentation

How to display boss health bar widget in the bottom of the screen instead of standard widget above AIs head.
I will use BP_ExampleAI as a boss in this tutorial.

1. Create new widget WB_BossStatBars.
Add to its CanvasPanel, name it WB_HealthBar and position like in image below or according to your preferences.

Leave ExtendedStatType to None, because AI is not using it, only Player

2. Open BP_ExampleAI and override InitializeStatsWidget (right click on event graph -> type EventInitializeStatsWidget).

3. Override events (also in BP_ExampleAI) ShowStatsWidget and HideStatsWidget (right click on event graph -> type EventShowStatsWidget/EventHideStatsWidget)