Summon Item Ability

This is legacy Dynamic Combat System doc.
it may not work on UE 5.2 and above. Click to show new Dynamic Combat System Documentation

To create summon item ability as in preview video, use already existing blueprint Ability_Player_BaseSummonItem.

As example I will show you how to create SummonSword ability.
We will need

  • Sword item that will be summoned
  • Ability that will summon sword
  • Spell Item which will store this ability

Firstly create new sword item that will be used as summoned sword.
How to add new item

I named new sword blueprint SummonedSword, in its DisplayedItem blueprint as static mesh used SM_SteelSword from DCS, but duplicated its material and modified it to shine.

Now that item which will be summoned is ready, create child blueprint from Ability_Player_BaseSummonItem and name it Ability_Player_SummonSword.

All we need to change here, is to add SummonedSword class to SummonedItemClasses array.

At this point ability is ready to use, but in order to use it as rest of abilities, we need to add new Item which will store this ability.
Create child blueprint from Item_Spell, and name it SummonSword.

And modify its details to use Ability_Player_SummonSword.

Now we can add this item to PickupActor or Inventory and use.

Scheme for creating Bow is the same, just in SummonedItemClasses array add bow and arrows items to summon.

When creating item blueprint for arrows, as displayed item use DI_SummonedQuiver which is included in DCS - Magic.

Summarizing this ability can be used to summon weapon, armor or any other item you wish.