Item ToolTip

This is legacy Dynamic Combat System doc.
it may not work on UE 5.2 and above. Click to show new Dynamic Combat System Documentation

How to add item ToolTip widget on hover.

You can either create ToolTip widget following the guide below or just download it.
Widget file
Of course you can customize the widget to make it look the way you want.

If you decided to download the file, paste it into Content/DynamicCombatSystem/Widgets folder, skip creating widget section and move to setup.

Creating the widget

Create new widget blueprint and name it WB_ItemToolTip.

Design the widget.

Add variable of type F_StoredItem, name it Item and mark as InstanceEditable and ExposeOnSpawn.

Add function UpdateWidget, which will update informations about the item.

Call this function on Event Construct.


Now when WB_ItemToolTip is ready, set it as ToolTip widget for WB_InventoryItem on Event Construct.

It can also be set in WB_EquipmentSlot by modifying function UpdateWidget.

And in WB_PickupActor by modifying Event Construct.