CollisionHandlerComponent tracks sockets location of given mesh each frame when it’s activated and checks if there was any collision.
Mostly used on weapons to detect hit and apply damage.

We can modify few parameters to specify what to collide with.

  • ObjectTypesToCollideWith - types of objects to collide with
  • IgnoredCollisionProfileNames - ignore if profile name (collision preset) of hit component is in this array.
    Why do we need it? Good example is Character class in Unreal, both Capsule and Mesh are of type Pawn, so how to ignore capsule and hit only mesh? Well, capsule has profile name Pawn while mesh CharacterMesh so we can add Pawn into this array to ignore capsule and collide only with mesh.
  • VisualizeTrace - debug option
  • IgnoredClasses - Actor classes that will be ignored