MovementSpeedComponent allows to smoothly change speed of controlled character.

It has few different movement states E_MovementStates.
We can set different speed values to each of them.

There are few variables that can be modified in this component.

  • SpeedChangeInterpSpeed - how fast speed from current state will be interpolated to speed of next state
  • StatesToToggle - mostly used on player’s blueprint to toggle between walk and jog states using single input
    e.g player presses CapsLook to toggle state

Functions to control movement speed.

  • SetMovementState - sets new movement state
  • ToggleState - toggles movement states between those stored in StatesToToggle array
  • GetMovementState - returns current movement state
  • GetMaxPossibleSpeed - returns max walk speed e.g if character is interpolating from walk to sprint, it will return sprint speed, not it’s currently interpolated speed