Most of the animation montages like attacks / roll / effects / weapon change etc. are stored in data tables based on struct F_MontageAction.

MontageManagerComponent allows to retrieve montage from data table.

  • GetMontageForAction - returns montage from data table at given index and row
  • GetLastRequestedAction - returns last succesfully retrieved action type
  • GetMontageActionLastIndex - returns last index of array storing montages in row
  • GetRandomMontageIndex - returns random index of array storing montages in row

Example data table storing animation montages used by player when 1 handed weapon is equipped.

Each row specifies to which action it is binded to.

It’s important to set RowName same as action name, otherwise MontageManagerComponent won’t be able to find it.
e.g RowName: LightAttack, Action: LightAttack.