Update July 2019

  • Crosshair now is always in center of the viewport while aiming
  • Modified camera location and rotation
  • Upgraded CollisionHandler component, now it supports collision on multiple meshes simultaneously
  • Disabled auto loading on Begin Play

(All) - changed in Bundle & DCS & Archery & Magic
(Bundle) - changed in Bundle
(Archery) - changed in Archery
(Magic) - changed in Magic

Ability_Player (Bundle & Magic)

Modified functions GetCrosshairTransform and GetSurfaceTransform.

WB_InGame (All)

Remove WB_Crosshair widget and instead add simple Image widget which will now represent Crosshair.

DynamicTargetingComponent (All)

Modified UpdateCameraLock function at the end to adjust rotating towards target.


Don't worry about WB_Crosshair reference errors, it will be fixed in this section.

Modified CameraBoom and FollowCamera default settings. (All)

Created 3 new variables ZoomCameraArmLength, InitialCameraArmLength and InitialCameraLagSpeed. (All)

Modified function UpdateCameraLag, now it will also update rotation lag speed. (All)

Update new variable values in Construction Script. (All)

Modified function UpdateZoom, now it is modifying only length of camera boom. (All)

Modified function UpdateRotationSettings, changed input values of camera lag. (All)

Modified function GetSpawnedArrowTransform, variable L_CameraDirection is now calculated differently. (Bundle & Archery)

Modified functions ShowCrosshair & HideCrosshair. (All)

Remove function UpdateCrosshairPosition and its call in Tick event. (All)

Remove ZoomedCameraSettings from BeginPlay event. (All)

Remove variables StartCameraSettings and ZoomedCameraSettings. (All)

Add event LoadGame. (All)

DCSLibrary (All)

Remove function GetCrosshairDistanceLocation.

DCSGameMode (All)

Disconnect pin for loading game in BeginPlay.

F_CameraSettings (All)

Remove this struct.

WB_Crosshair (All)

Remove this widget blueprint.


Modified like in video below (Starts at 12:57)
Now it is able to enable collision on multiple meshes simultaneously.