Colliding Components

Collision Handler requires to setup colliding components to be able to detect hits.
Colliding Component can be any primitive component such as sword static mesh, or skeletal mesh of character.
Apart from primitive component, colliding component can also have specified socket names which will be used to get locations.
But if we don't provide any socket names or given primitive component simply doesn't have any sockets, then pivot point will be used as location to detect hits.

These functions can be used to setup colliding components.
In most cases we will use only 1 colliding component at a time, but we could provide multiple in special cases like dual weapons.

There are also helper functions in library which allows to convert primitive component into colliding component easily.
If SocketsFilter param is given, then it will use only sockets on given mesh that contain it in name.
For example if SocketsFilter is set to Feet, then it will take only sockets with Feet in name such as Feet_01, Feet_02.
If SocketsFilter param is None then it will take all sockets that exist on given component.

This setup will make sword mesh as colliding component with all sockets that it has.

This setup will make character mesh as colliding component with sockets only having right_hand in name.