Ability is a base class for all abilities such as Fireball, Vortex, Teleport, Spawn Minion etc.
Base class only contains definitions of functions that should be appropriately overwritten in its children blueprints.

There are bunch of variables that we can tweak to customize ability.

Each ability can have customized spell indicator - which is managed by AbilityComponent.
Spell indicator is ground decal showing size and location of Ability.

There are few prepared classes that we can use as base blueprint when creating new abilities.

Blue nodes are base abstract classes that we should create child blueprints from to create new abilities.
Orange nodes are Abilities used in game.

  • Ability_Player - Base class for abilities used by Player
  • Ability_AI - Base class for abilities used by AI

These classes have implemented few useful functions
For example to help in getting ability spawn transform like GetProjectileTransform / GetBeamTransform / GetSurfaceTransform