Displayed Items

Displayed items are used to visualize equipment items.
Items set in equipment slots store just data object - they dont get spawn in game as actors, so they cant define how item will look like when being equipped.
For that Equipment Component uses another class - BaseDisplayedItem.

Displayed Item is actor class that gets spawned when owner equips item.
It manages item visuals, attachment, sockets etc.

There is already setup hierarchy of Displayed Item classes that can be used to create new instances.

Nodes with blue background are base classes that we should create new instances from.
Orange nodes are instances that are used in game to visualize items.

Items that we want to visualize should implement interface I_Item_UsesDisplayedItem and its function GetDisplayedItem.
More info about Item Inferfaces can be found in InventoryComponent section.
Most of base item classes are already setup with interfaces and variables, so for example when we create new sword item from class Item_MeleeWeapon, we only have to set class of displayed item to use.