Item Interfaces

There are also various item interfaces which are used mostly by Equipment Component.
These interfaces adds extra functionality and informations to item classes.

All item interfaces starts with prefix I_Item_XYZ.
Few examples of item interfaces:

  • I_Item_CanBeTwoHanded - used on weapons like two handed sword/bow etc.
  • I_Item_CanBlock - used on shields/melee weapons to retrieve block value
  • I_Item_HasModifiers - used on every item that should add some stat modifiers when equipped
    e.g sword may add damage modifier to owner, ring can add health modifier etc.
  • I_Item_HasUseMontage - used on items where on use owner should play animation, e.g owner can play drink animation and use potion during it instead of just using it without any visual effect

As an example lets a look which interfaces are implemented by Item_MeleeWeapon.

It implements 4 interfaces extending this item functionality by

  • allowing it to be Two Handed
  • allowing to block
  • allowing to apply stats modifiers
  • allowing to have displayed item