Item Sockets Solver

Item Sockets Solver is a class that manages all sockets used by items such as attachment sockets / projectiles sockets etc.
They are used by Displayed Items to know where and how they should be attached to owner of Equipment Component.

Every Displayed Item has a variable of ItemSocketsSolver Class

Sockets are managed in seperate blueprints to manage them in easier way.
For example if there would be 20 different swords in game
then it is much easier to setup and modify their attachment sockets rather then setting up all instances one by one.

In project there are multiple sockets solver classes used by items.

If Displayed Item has setup sockets solver class, then it creates instance of it from which it will get info about sockets.

Then when item wants to be attatched to owner, it gets attachment socket name from created sockets solver object.

Example implementation of GetAttachSocketName function on SocketsSolver_MeleeWeapon looks like that

When owner is in combat ( sword should be in hand ) - then it uses socket sword_use
and if owner is not in combat ( sword is unequipped ) - then it uses socket sword