Guns system comes with projectiles classes, these are used as bullets spawned on gun fire to apply damage to hit actors.
Projectiles apart from being used as bullets for guns, can also be used as any other type.
In the system they are used also as arrows spawned by bows and fireballs spawned by spells.

Main class of projectile is BP_BaseProjectile.
In the system there are 2 types of projectiles

  • Trace based - immediate, without physical representation
  • Moving - these projectiles have physical represetnation, they move with specified speed

This is how class hierarchy of projectiles looks like

Blue nodes are abstract classes that can be used to create new projectiles.
Orange nodes are projectiles instances used across the system.

There are few settings that can be modified for projectiles

One of them is Hit Impact Class - this is actor of type BP_BaseHitImpact that will be spawned if projectile hits something on its way.
This class manages hit effects such as sound, effect, decal etc.