Crosshair Widget

In the system there is dynamic crosshair widget used by all ranged weapons such as guns, bow, magic etc.
Main feature of this widget is that it can expand and shrink based on given radius, which is perfect for guns where crosshair will represent current spread of gun ( accuracy ).

WB_BaseCrosshair is base class that should be used to create new crosshairs.

This is WB_Crosshair_Default widget which is child of WB_BaseCrosshair and is used by bow and spells.
It has 4 markers that can spread based on radius which can be changed in runtime.

For example upon increasing radius in default settings, you can notice how crosshair markers moves from the center.

In game this radius can be changed through this function

In the system crosshair is displayed in widget WB_InGame
And this is how player updates crosshair radius based on current gun spread.