Main Hand Types

Main Hand Type defines what kind of weapon is currently used by owner.
In the system there are 3 types that are used as Main Hand Types.

  • MeleeWeapon - all kind of swords / axes / daggers etc.
  • RangeWeapon - all kind of ranged weapons such as bow / gun / crossbow etc.
  • Spell - all kind of spells such as fireball / teleport / heal etc.

Main Hand Types can be setup in Equipment Component details panel

It is recommended to not put there any other types than MeleeWeapon / RangeWeapon / Spell.

With such setup owner will be able to change selected main hand type between MeleeWeapon / RangeWeapon / Spell.
Main Hand Types that are not selected are marked as Hidden.
For example if MeleeWeapon is selected as Main Hand Type - then sword is attached to hand, but bow is attatched to back, and spell item dissapears.

There are few functions to change selected main hand type.

Selected Main Hand Type is also used to define current Combat Style used by owner - which has impact on used animations / attacks / combat logic etc.
More info about it is in CombatComponent section.