Dynamic Combat System

Click to show Legacy Documentation for Dynamic Combat System UE 5.1 or below

This is documentation for Dynamic Combat System v3, used on UE 5.2 and above.
This version of DCS is not compatible with previous versions ( UE 5.1 or lower ).

Most important changes made in this update:

  • Added new DCS Module with guns, free for bundle pack owners, or to be purchased separately
  • Every system & component has been refactored, simplified, cleaned up and improved
  • Updated some of the systems with newer features, such as Enhanced Input, Gameplay Tags
  • Completely refactored animation blueprint used by characters
  • Improved AI systems with completly new Behavior Trees
  • New documentation and tutorials
  • and much more minor changes

Dynamic Combat System is third person combat system implemented entirely in Blueprints.
Most of the systems are packed into independent components which makes it more flexible and allows to use them in different projects.

System is available as bundle pack containing all modules merged together or as seperate modules that can work independently.

Bundle Pack

Bundle pack is merged version of Dynamic Combat System with all Modules.

Melee Combat Module

Archery Module

Magic Module

Guns Module

System Features:

  • Melee weapon and hands combat
  • Magic combat including various types of spells
  • Guns combat - pistol, rifle, shotgun
  • Archery combat
  • Collision detection system
  • Stats system
  • Activities and Character State systems
  • Team Relations system
  • Targeting system
  • Inventory and Equipment systems
  • Status Effects system
  • Input Buffer system
  • Animations montages manager
  • Roll / Dodge system
  • AI Templates
  • and many other minor systems